Website Evaluation

Of late do you think your website needs to be improved? Does it no more attract visitors? Does it look damp and drab? What causes your viewers to leave and not transact? Your website needs a strategic overhaul.

A complete website evaluation is certainly a hallmark of good website operation and management. As the internet environment is evolving at lightening speed you cannot afford to take your eye off your website. A good website evaluation service can help you attain your goal through a clear and concise knowledge of what is usable and what is not. This in turn helps you through the process of re-development.

Professional website evaluation by Candidinfo is designed as per your need. The expert analysts give you the benefit of a third party's learning experience and objectivity. Candidinfo analyzes your website's strengths and weaknesses along with the right decision techniques and actionable recommendations

You get a detailed analysis of each factor that contributes to the success of a website

  • The usability of the all the pages that exist on the website
  • Each page is throughly scrutinized to find out the ratio of sales conversion
  • Each page is analyzed for the search engine ranking capability

Recommendations may or may not include:

  • Incoming Traffic Quality & Quantity
  • Stickiness & Repeat Visitors
  • Performance & Usage
  • Competitive Online Edge
  • Registration & Conversion Rates
  • Customer Service & Loyalty
  • Liability & Security Protection
  • Overall Bottom Line Impact

The areas that are assessed in a web site review are:

  • Content and message evaluation
  • Navigation, website research and site structure
  • Visual design
  • Customer relationship, communication and feedback
  • Website operations and management
  • Technology
  • Site conversion optimization techniques
  • Website operation management and architecture

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