Marketing Tips For Success

1. FREE... I got your attention, didn't I. Offer a free report, e-book or "how to" course. Information is the top selling product online. You can use this to your benefit by offering free information.

2. Newsletter (e-zine) - Start your own newsletter and begin creating your online community of contacts. Visit any of these sites to create your list, free.

3. Write Articles - There are thousands of online publications looking for quality content. Writing and distributing your articles will provide you with free massive exposure. After you've written your article, subscribe to these publications to assist you in getting published.

  • Article Announce - Designed to get writers published and assist publishers in finding the articles they need. Announce
    your new article.
    Subscribe -
  • Writers and Publishers Connection Newsletter Where publishers announce their article needs.
    Subscribe - with subscribe Writers and Publishers in the subject.

4. E-zine Advertising - The best form of advertising available online. Reach thousands of targeted potential customers very inexpensively. Ruth Townsend of Lifestyle Publishing offers a complete listing of publications, ad costs, circulation and more in "The Directory of Ezines."

For a listing of some of the top classified ad sites, visit:

6. Press Release - Write a quality press release about your product or service and tell the world! For more information on press releases, visit any of these sites:

For a complete listing of media resources visit:

7. Networking - Create a network of like-minded marketers to help promote one another, provide recommendations, exchange prominent links, etc., Note: Be cautious when selecting your networking partners and making recommendations as your reputation is on the line. Only network with individuals you truly believe in.

8. Newsgroups - Post to appropriate newsgroups. For a complete listing, visit:

9. Discussion Lists & Boards - Subscribe to appropriate email lists and visit discussion boards to participate in online discussions. Although blatant advertising is not permitted, signatures are acceptable.

Visit List Universe for a complete listing of email discussion lists.

10. Offline Promotions - Advertise in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, TV, etc., Visit these sites for complete listings.

Gebbie Press -

NewsDirectory Newspapers -

Newspapers Online -

Commercial Magazine Publishers -