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Newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns are now considered to be one of the most essential direct marketing tools in the contemporary internet marketing world. The reasons may vary from wanting to stay in touch with the existing client base to aiming at probable clientele, From Fortune 1000 corporations to small and medium scale businesses, companies are now integrating direct email marketing into their customer acquisition and retention programs. The think tanks in the marketing departments have recognized the immense power of bulk email marketing and its strength to deliver a significant return on their investment. With five years of industry knowledge and experience in an extremely complex internet environment,

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Let's face it: if you run a business, you need email marketing. That's why we offer Candid's Benchmark Email. With an user-friendly, Web-based set of tools, you can send out emails and newsletters, create an online archive, post your newsletter to your blog and more. Send campaigns and track them in real time. Sign up for a free trial

Candidinfo offers direct email marketing and newsletter writing programs that will get you the desired result and success- in a manner that is just ideal for your budgets and needs.

Candidinfo offers newsletter and bulk e-mail marketing services that are professional, easy to use and deals with affordable method of handling of newsletters and emails of any type. Be it promotional, personal, seasonal marketing Candidinfo can carry is out efficiently for you. Based on the customized needs, we will design a service program for you to maximize your ROI. From launching to managing and improving, Candidinfo offers you the best practice industry information, custom application and comprehensive integration services.

Newsletter Marketing

Its your interactive platform to see inside the minds of your customer. You will understand your customer fully, you will come to know the issues your valued customers care for the most. Candidinfo's email newsletter is an ideal way to stay in touch with your customer, your staff, members of organization or group or residents from a particular geographic region. Informative newsletters empower people, mold opinions and help communicate your message to your target.

Email Newsletters

If you don't send out an email newsletter, now is the time to start. And Candidinfo Email can get you there. Send out weekly, bi-monthly or monthly newsletters that drive your company message home. Candidinfo Email includes everything you need to craft a compelling email newsletter, from the full-scale contact list management to the post-send, real-time tracking. Sign up for a free trial

Candidinfo produces effective, flexible, full service outsourced newsletters. Our service includes two basic components that help you forge winning relationship with your customers. They are:





We will get the architecture from you, ask you some basic questions and will take it from there. Complete and customized content that will reinforce your brand and positioning. The focus always remains on the reader. Our team of experienced writers will create a winning result for you.


The first draft maybe verified from you (optional). Our experienced editors will then polish and streamline your text minutely, and pack more substance into fewer words.


The first draft maybe verified from you (optional). Our experienced editors will then polish and streamline your text minutely, and pack more substance into fewer words.


When the text of the newsletter has been set up and is ready for the design, our experienced proof readers extensively proof read the copy to eliminate the errors that have occurred in the spelling, grammar and punctuations


Newsletter Design

Candidinfo's design team blends the available text with the design and the graphics with professional perfection and optimum ease. By orchestrating each element in perfect symphony, our talented designers create artworks that evoke high emotional and intellectual responses.


Over the years Candidinfo has mastered the subtle art of blending creative and corporate ideas with images. Functional and aesthetically appealing design elements based upon classic principles for web and print This results in client's count on Candidinfo for the perfect image to illustrate even the most complicated message.


Candidinfo tracks readers' interactions, responses and feedback with each e-newsletter. With your business goals in mind, Candidinfo measures your results effectively. This insight into the depth of internet analysis will help your sales and marketing team better understand your customers’ interests and concerns. Most importantly, it will help you to anticipate and act on customers’ needs.

We promise measurable, meaningful, action oriented results through our customized newsletter writing services.

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