Web Syndication Content Creation Services

The thing that's so wonderful about the web is that it's so easy to put up a website. And the thing that's so frustrating about the web is that it can be hard to get people to come look at your stuff. Content management is key to the next architecture of the web, Candidinfo now provides a wealth of content and information products developed specifically for Internet businesses to enhance their websites.

Candidinfo products include text articles, features, spotlights, images and even a, wholly original content distributed as a daily story feed five days per week. We even provide tailor made packages on specific request. We will be happy to hear from you!

Our recent clients for web syndication content creation services in India, US & UK includes

  • Lifepositive.com
  • Guide To Holistic Living.com
  • Online Marketindia.com
  • Stellarinfo.com
  • UAS Education.com
  • Candidinfo's Web Hosting Section

However every client has unique goals, and needs a unique solution, the cost of any campaign will depend on the type of campaign you choose/need, its scope, length and the amount of work needed to be put by us.

Unlike any other campaign, all the above campaign have different approach, and uniqueness to it.